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Dear fellow Truth Seekers, welcome to my web!

My name is Indy Jane (pen name).

This is a blog that belongs to my series of books concerning comparative religious studies and alternate history. My book series is called MythoReligio. I write this series of books because I am not satisfied with the available explanation concerning many questions that I think are fundamental in our lives as human beings. Questions such as:

Where did human beings come from?
Is there a purpose to our existence on this planet?
Where we are going to after we die?
Are we really going to heaven and hell as taught by our religious teachers?
Do we really need religion?
Is there a God?
How many gods are there?
If there is only one God, why are there so many religions?
Some people propose that these religious teachings are complementary to one another, but how could they complement one another when there are so many contradictions?
Religion is supposed to teach us how to be good, so what are these wars in the name of God all about?
Today we are taught by science that we are descendants of apes that have evolved through millennia and yet religions tell us that the first human was created by God or gods.
Some other theories propose that we are descendants of ancient aliens from another planet, and yet other theories suggest that we came from a legendary place called Atlantis and/or Lemuria.
So which is it? Are we descendants of Adam, apes or ancient aliens?


I am just a lay person whose family came from various religious background, I travel a lot, read a great deal and like to contemplate about life. I think a lay person should be allowed to search the Truth too, don’t you think? I am really curious about the answers to the above questions but unfortunately I could not find satisfactory answers in conventional text books and I have yet to find unbiased comparative religious studies books. Meanwhile, every theory seems to have missing links.

I wonder whether it is true that God commands us to wage war against others who do not practice the teaching of a certain religion, as preached by some religious leaders. I also wonder if it is true that science and religion are not compatible. To me, if a religion truly comes from God than it must be, the other way around is just absurd. Now, which religion is truly from God? Is there any?

So I decided to do my own religious comparative studies by reading the holy scriptures of the five major religions in the world today (i.e.: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism). Growing up surrounded by many people with diverse religious background in many countries, I am quite familiar with the popular beliefs of all these five religions especially the three Abrahamic religions.

However, as time goes by I realize that actually many teachings that I hear from hear say or even from religious teachers (and yes, I listened to them in churches, mosques and temples) are not necessarily the same as the teachings in the religious books! Many popular religious traditions are not taught or even against their own scriptural teachings or practiced incorrectly, some are masked as religious practices where in reality there is no connection at all (such as the Christmas celebration, see article: origin of Christmas day, origin of Valentine’s day, Jewish/Islamic tradition of circumcision, etc). Therefore, I decided that I need to read the religious scriptures directly for myself.

I have always been interested in religion and history for as long as I could remember, I have been making research on these topics on and off for ca. 30 years and now due to the advancement of the Internet the studies have become much easier. Although, this is truly a vast study since religious teachings cover every aspect of life: religious practices, holidays and holy places, creation of the universe, rules of eating, marriage, human rights regulation, freedom of speech (or the lack of it), inheritance law, rules of war, business, to education, etc, etc.

In this blog, I will be posting articles concerning many topics. However, these articles won’t be enough to answer to afore mentioned questions. To have satisfactory answers deep thorough research and studies are truly needed and analyzed carefully in a book form, many books in fact, that is why I decided to write a series.


When doing the comparative studies I noticed that many religious teachings are actually taught in the form of stories. These religious stories are believed by their religious followers as true stories (i.e. history), thus by studying various religious stories several versions of world history emerged. Surprisingly, many of the details of these religious stories are actually similar to many myths and legends around the world!

Even more surprising is that many religious stories (from all religions!) are actually illogical, unethical and even downright brutal! These stories are not widely known, and yet here they are written in black on white in the religious scriptures. On the other hand, I have also found many amazing explanations in all the religious scriptures concerning natural phenomena that are compatible and some are even beyond modern science!

So in MythoReligio series, I shared these religious stories (i.e. Bible stories, Islamic stories, Hindu stories, Buddhist stories and world mythology) in a form of comparative religion books where I analyze them one by one by comparing these stories with modern scientific data. The short conclusion of the comparative studies is the following:

“All world myths and various religious stories actually derived from in Mega Story – the true story of human’s pre-historical events that have been corrupted by many different nations so they become the fairy tales and hard-to-believe stories we know today. This Mega Story does not belong only to one single nation or religion, but it is the true (pre)history of our common ancestors.”

It takes a lot, a lot of research to come to the above conclusion. If you want to know further about it kindly visit the official website of the book series:www.mythoreligio.com or click on the Books section on this blog. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive the first 3 chapters (or 58 pages) of Book 1 for free.

At the meantime in this blog, I will be sharing articles concerning:

  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Myths and legends
  • General (i.e. other topics that can help us answer the questions that are mentioned at the beginning of this post, such as: forbidden archaeology, ancient aliens, creationism vs evolution and other information that do not seem to fit with today’s conventional history).
  • Quotes (in this page you will find images with inspiring religious quotes and words of wisdom quotes) that you may share freely on any social media platform of your choice.
  • Videos

All these information are explained, researched and analyzed in the MythoReligio series and in the last book of the series I will be arranging all these pieces of information and put them as a giant jigsaw puzzle for the purpose of retracing the true pre-history of humanity on this planet. The result of these comparative studies is an alternative history that is truly shocking and quite different to conventional history as we know today.

If you are an open minded Truth Seeker with the same questions like me and willing to hear something different than what your religious teachers (and/or conventional history books) tell you, then maybe this series is what you are looking for.

Finally, I hope that the information in this blog gives you food for thoughts and may we all as equal citizens of this beloved blue planet dwell in religious tolerance and peace.

Indy Jane

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