Dear fellow Truth Seekers, welcome to the website of MythoReligio Series!

MythoReligio is a series of books that are written for the purpose of researching and sharing hidden information especially in the pre-history of humanity based on religious data that are compatible and/or even beyond modern science.

Have you ever wondered about the validity of our present-day theories concerning our pre-history?
Religion tells us that we are created by God or gods, yet science tells us that we share the same ancestor as apes. While some authors theorize that we are descendants of aliens from another planet. Which one is correct?
So who are we?
Are we children of Adam or descendants of apes or even aliens?
Where did we come from?
Why are we here?
How did we become different races of human?
Where are we going to after we die?
Are we really going to heaven or hell as religion tells us?
All religions teach us about the existence of God or gods. But would one believe in God if one was never told to do so?
Is there prove that God exist?
Why are there so many religions?
Which one is the right one? Is there any?
Religion is supposed to teach us to be good, so what are these wars in the name of God all about?

If you are an open-minded Truth Seeker who have some or all of the above questions than this MythoReligio Series might be what you are looking for. These books are written because like you, the author is not satisfied with the presently conflicting answers to the above questions, especially concerning the origin of humanity and our pre-history on this planet. Author Indy Jane is not a historian nor is she a scientist. She is just a lay person who happens to travel a great deal, reads a lot of books and likes to contemplate about life.

Even so, she is aware that one does not need to be a scholar in order to see that all of the present-day explanations have missing links. None of them can give a complete satisfactory explanation to the above questions.

Out of curiosity, she decided to do a comparison study herself: between monotheist vs. polytheist religious stories vs. pagan mythologies vs. scientific data. Surprisingly, as a result not only does she see similarities, she actually sees the connection between all of this information! She does not claim to have the answers to all the details, but she believes she can already see the big picture of how these stories became the way they are today.

To put it simply, at the end she came to the following conclusion:

“ALL world myths and various religious stories actually derived from one Mega Story – the true story of human’s pre-historical events that have been corrupted by many different nations so they become the fairy tales and hard-to-believe stories we know today. This Mega Story does not belong only to one single nation or religion, but it is the true (pre)history of our common ancestors”.

This is an uncommon statement, but this is not a statement that she made lightly without thorough research for ca. 30 years.

This MythoReligio series is her personal research into the heart of all religious stories known to men today directly from the religious scriptures and comparing them with scientific data with the purpose of retracing the pre-history of mankind.

In Book 1 of MythoReligio series: History of the World & Jerusalem, according to the Bible and Islamic traditions –   author Indy Jane compiled stories directly from the Old Testament, New Testament and Islamic traditions in order to answer the above questions. From these stories readers will be able to see what Jews, Christians and Muslims are taught concerning the creation and the end of the world, as well as learning about the background story of one of the most conflicted regions in the world – Jerusalem.

These data are available for everyone to read directly from the scriptures or search easily and freely all over the Internet.

However, although many are familiar with bits and pieces of these stories when compiled together one might be surprised realizing how the details of these stories are actually not widely known at all. These are details that are shockingly unfair, illogical and downright brutal.

In this first book, the author is not sharing many of her thoughts yet, as at this point she is merely sharing the stories in simple language using many beautiful images and charts to follow the storyline easily.
Further, in the next books of this series she continues with stories from other religions (i.e. Hinduism and Buddhism), world mythologies and finally compares them with modern science. The result of this comparison study is truly shocking and may alter history as we know today.


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